Louisiana Society of

EMS Educators


Board of Directors

Kelly Grayson

Earl Wilson

 Kelly Grayson, President                                 Earl Wilson, Secretary/Treasurer

Tri Regions

LaSEMSE's Tri-Regional Coordinators


LaSEMSE's Tri-Regional Coordinators each cover three of Louisiana DHH's nine administrative regions, serving to coordinate and disseminate resources for EMS instructors in their areas.

The strength of our instructor networking relies entirely on information-sharing, so please, if you have upcoming classes, workshops or seminars, share the information with your Tri-Regional Coordinator!

Bill NiemeckBlance BankstonWendi Worsham

               Bill Niemeck                                              Blance Bankston                              Wendi Worsham
      Tri-Regional Coordinator                             Tri-Regional Coordinator                   Tri-Regional Coordinator

           Regions: 1, 3, 9                                            Regions: 2, 4, 5                              Regions: 6, 7, 8


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