Randal HowardInstructor of the Year

This instructor started his EMS career in the early 90’s. This person would assist other instructor in the beginning of their career and then moved on to being the lead instructor. This instructor holds many certifications such as PHTLS, AHA, AMLS and much more. This instructor teaches throughout the fire departments in their area, their own fire department and also taught at the area vo-technical school.

This person sets values and goals high for their students and expects them to meet those goals. This person has maintained an NREMT pass/fail rate well above 90% for over twenty years. In one of his paramedic class, 96% of them passed written and practical exam the first try and this was an accelerated 15-week course with close to fifty students. Most of these students are senior paramedic supervisors, administrators, captains or district chiefs which demonstrates how tirelessly he worked to give them the tools for a long career in emergency medical Service.

As Chief Medical Officer of his fire department, he recognized the need for a Paramedic training program in northeast Louisiana and was instrumental in getting one started at Delta Community College in Monroe. He was very persuasive that Lucas Devices were purchase and deployed on all Ouachita Parish fire trucks, vastly improving the likelihood of a positive outcome in case of cardiac arrest.

This instructor instils in his students the knowledge and skills it takes to excel, but more importantly, an appreciation for what they didn’t now. I can think of no instructor that would be more deserving of this reward. I would like to award the 2016 LANREMT Instructor of the Year to Randal Howard.