2014 Instructor/Coordinator of the Year

Wesley Parnell

Wesley ParnellFor at least the past six years, Wesley has volunteered to instruct and coordinate the annual first responder, EMT, EMT I and EMT P refreshers for the New Orleans River Region Chapter (NORR) LANREMT and for the National Safety Council, Southwest Louisiana Chapter. Not only has he done this without asking for compensation, he has often made a donation to NORR and/or American Red Cross. In fact, in 2012-2013, he conducted three separate refreshers for NORR

Wesley has demonstrated the highest dedication to the EMS profession by giving of his time and his talents in order to assure that the emergency medical professionals in NORR are able to attend the required refresher trainings. Many NORR members do not work for services that provide refreshers in-house. They rely on NORR refreshers to stay up-to-date on their skills and information they need for optimum care.

During these refreshers, Wesley shares his skills and knowledge of the most current information regarding patient care. His reliability, expertise and passion for his patients have made him a role model for all. He consistently goes above and beyond our expectations to assure his students can provide the highest patient care.(Beth Inbau)

Wesley Parnell would make an excellent nominee for the Instructor of the Year due to this extensive EMS experience coupled with the professionalism and extensive instructor knowledge base. On and off the streets, Wesley has a wealth of knowledge gained through years of experience and training than any individual would be likely to have the opportunity to tap into. Wes professes his knowledge during every course he teaches, leaving his students with a sense of accomplishment and confidence after the training that transitions into real world.

I have personally attended multiple ACLS, BLS, and PAL training, as well as a Paramedic NREMT Refresher Course with Wes. Each iteration of training furthers my knowledge in the field of EMS specialties beyond what I have before the training. The manner of which Wes explains and demonstrates information makes it easy to learn a life for successful completions of any course. Wesley Parnell training courses help keeps me up-to-date with ever-changing field of ACLS and PHTLS. Wes is my "go-to-guy" for all things EMS related

In summation, Wes would make an excellent recipient for Instructor of the Year award due to his knowledge, experience, customer service, and ability to communicate complex information. Wes is a prime example of what an excellent instructor should embody. (Josh Dupuis)