TemtcoloThe Louisiana Tactical EMS Society was formed by interested members of LANREMT in 1995. It was formed with the established purposes of furthering tactical emergency services in Louisiana. This includes advocacy for tactical EMS causes, and providing education for tactical EMS practitioners and providers. It also includes advocating for tactical EMS with the law enforcement community.

With the advent of Active Shooters and the problems they created, the Society has undertaken an effort to take tactical EMS principles and practice to all EMS practitioners and providers in the state. This includes the doctrines of the Hartford Consensus and the Rescue Task Force as advocated by the U S Department of Justice and the U S Department of Homeland Security.

To accomplish this end, the Society established the Louisiana Active Shooter Program. The program is a one day didactic and practical scenario based program.
It can be presented as on open class or an agency/ community based class. While the class is primarily medical/ rescue oriented, it works best when members from all disciplines of the emergency response community participate (EM, EMS, Fire, Health Care, LEO,etc.).

The didactic session begins with a description of active shooters and active shooter incidents. It is followed by preparedness and principles of response including NIMS. This is followed by a presentation on the clinical component, emphasizing the principles of the Hartford Consensus I and II. This is followed by the principles of the Rescue Task Force including extraction.

Before the practical scenarios, there will be a presentation on law enforcement tactics for responding to active shooter incidents. After this presentation, everyone will participate in active shooter scenario exercises. These are are realistic exercises based on actual active shooter incidents. Class participants will actually function as the medical component of a rescue task force.

Open classes cost $ 75.00 per person which includes lunch. Class sizes are limited. For agency/ community classes, contact the society for further information.

For more information contact:

Steve Erwin EMT-A President

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.